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Avenue of the Giants

Redwoods & Rivers

Avenue of the Giants

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The Avenue of the Giants offers more than the majesty of towering redwoods. This 31-mile route along the South Fork of the Eel River meanders through several small hamlets that give a glimpse into the history of Humboldt County, and also provide opportunities for travelers to get out of their cars and stretch and refresh themselves. The towns along the Avenue, once closely tied to the timber industry, now rely more on the tourists who come to Humboldt Redwoods State Park to view its spectacular old-growth redwood habitat, swim in the Eel River and experience the local culture.

At the south end of the Avenue of the Giants is Phillipsville, offering lodging, a classic roadhouse with food, drinks and live music, a grocery store, a variety of visitor attractions and several river access points. Further north is the town of Miranda, surrounded by redwoods and home to a growing community of artists. Myers Flat, north of Miranda and in the heart of the redwoods, has a wine tasting room as well as a family oriented campground. The town of Weott no longer sits on its original site, having been relocated after the devastating flood of 1964, which washed it and several other local towns away. Look for the tall post on the Avenue near Weott's current site marking how high the floodwaters reached. The Visitor's Center at Humboldt Redwoods State Park is close by. The town of Redcrest, situated on higher ground, was protected from the flood that wiped out the lower-lying towns. An abundance of redwood attractions make it a popular destination. The northernmost community on the Avenue is Pepperwood, located close to easily accessible hiking trails.

Numerous sights beckon to the visitors who travel the Avenue of the Giants. Rockefeller Grove is arguably the most impressive stand of redwoods found anywhere in the world. To get there, drive a mile and a half west on Mattole Road from Avenue of the Giants mile marker 20.6, just south of Redcrest, to the Rockefeller Loop Trail, or continue another 3 miles west on Mattole Road to the Big Trees Parking Area. Other stunning yet easy hikes easily accessed from the Avenue of the Giants include Founder's Grove Nature Loop Trail, Gould Grove Nature Trail, Drury-Chaney Loop Trail and Stephen's Grove Loop Trail. There are also nearby picnic areas, campgrounds and swimming holes to enjoy.

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