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Samoa Cookhouse & Logging Museum

Samoa Cookhouse & Logging Museum


For the experience of friends and family sitting down for a casual dinner, talking over the day's events and catching up on life, head to the Samoa Cookhouse. It's been serving wonderful “family style” breakfasts, lunches and dinners since 1894.

This dining experience is unique. For instance, there are no menus. Delicious meals are prepared every day by skillful chefs, and when you sit down in the old style dining rooms, you are served the food they've made for the day. It comes piping hot to the table in large bowls and platters for your family to share and pass around. Although some people call it “family style,” at the Cookhouse they refer to it as “lumber camp style.” This is because the Samoa Cookhouse was founded for mill and dockworkers in the 1890s — and that's how meals were served back in the old lumber camps. Today it's the last logging camp-type cookhouse left in the western United States.

When you're done with your meal, visit the on-site museum. It is full of relics and photos, as well as historic logging and lumber camp cookhouse artifacts. The Samoa Cookhouse is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner year-round.
WHERE: Take the Samoa Bridge off Hwy 101 and turn left onto Samoa Boulevard. Take the first left.
MORE INFO: 707-442-1659,

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