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Old Town Haunted History Ghost Tours

Old Town Haunted History Ghost Tours


The streets and alleyways of Old Town Eureka are believed to be among the most haunted locations on the entire West Coast. Old Town Haunted History Ghost Tours explore the area's racy past and paranormal present. Each 2-hour, 1-mile long walking tour of Eureka's historic red light district leads visitors along the waterfront, up and down the notorious “Two Street” where beautiful Victorian buildings once held saloons and houses of ill fame, and through the shadows of Opera Alley. Tragic lives and deaths of Eurekans past combine with the ghostly experiences of those who live and work in Old Town today to create a history tour with a twist.

Among the stories visitors will encounter are those of a suicidal bartender, a 1930s earthquake victim, a Prohibition-era gunfight in a speakeasy, Victorian hotels with numerous ghostly guests, a World War I veteran who met his untimely end in the Dreamland Roller Skating Rink, and the guardian spirit that protects its building from “that thing in the corner.”
WHERE: Tours depart from Old Town Coffee and Chocolates at 211 F St. in Old Town.
MORE INFO: 707-672-5012, on Facebook and at

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