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Chapman's Gem & Mineral Shop & Museum

Chapman's Gem & Mineral Shop & Museum

A wonderful collection of stunning gems and minerals from deep below the earth's surface awaits you at Chapman's Gem & Mineral Shop and Museum just outside of Fortuna. Here you can view these strikingly lovely stones from around the world at your leisure. Not only will you see gems in a huge range of colors, shapes and sizes in this impressively large collection, but you will also find a petrified palm display, cut precious stones, Native American and pre-Columbian artifacts, fossilized animal and plant life and a display of meteorite samples. An ultraviolet room offers the chance to view fluorescent mineral specimens in vivid splendor. Their collection of fossilized wood is enormous, and they also sell rough stock for lapidary artists.

To get a full understanding of the collection, take the museum's informal tour. This is a great experience for the geologist, the artist or the nature lover at heart. In the shop, purchase everything from stones, minerals, crystals and fossils to jewelry, books, carvings and shells. To purchase or just view some of the most beautiful stones in the world, Chapman's Gem & Mineral Shop and Museum is open daily from 10am until 5pm.
WHERE: 4 miles south of Fortuna just off Hwy 101.
MORE INFO: 707-725-2714

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